Calling for Hospice Orillia Volunteers! 

Do you feel as though you need to play a more active role in your community? Do you find meaning in impacting the lives of others? Then volunteering for Hospice Orillia may be the perfect opportunity for you!

At Hospice Orillia, both staff and volunteers have the opportunity to foster genuine connections with community members and are able to truly be there for those who are at a very vulnerable point in their lives. By supporting others during what can be a very emotional and confusing time, Hospice Orillia becomes a major part of the clients hospice palliative care team. In addition, the team also helps to guide people through the process of dealing with loss. Together, we can have open conversations about life and death, and assist others through their grief, bereavement and mourning.

“As we ramp up our visiting programs after being on a bit of a hiatus we are now in need of additional volunteers to help ensure we are able to serve everyone who is in need of support.” Louise Brazier, Bereavement Services Coordinator notes. “There’s something for everyone at Hospice Orillia.”

Is volunteering at Hospice Orillia for you?

“You’re getting more back than you think you are giving.” Marg, Visiting Volunteer said when asked how she feels about

You don’t need any particular education or experience to be an effective volunteer – you just need empathy, kindness and compassion. The community members that we work with are usually going through a very difficult time in their lives, and we need thoughtful and caring individuals to be there for them. Hospice Orillia takes pride in the fact that we can be there to reach out to those in need, support them in whatever way possible and most importantly, be there to listen.

If you have even just an hour or two each week, you have the ability to make an impact in your local community by being a volunteer at Hospice Orillia. Volunteering not only makes a difference in the community, but a difference in the personal lives of volunteers.

Volunteering positions available include:

Visiting Volunteers. These volunteers visit community members who are dealing with life-limiting illnesses. In this position, you will get the opportunity to support these people at a critical time in their lives.

Bereavement Support. These volunteers provide support to anyone who is experiencing grief due to loss of life. You will work together to help understand their emotions and circumstances through the grieving process.

Event Committees and Fundraising Volunteers. These volunteers play a critical role in organizing events and actively participating in growing Hospice Orillia’s community.

Other ways of getting involved are Complementary Therapies, Community Programs and Administrative Support. Visit for more details.

“These past months have been filled with change and uncertainty.” Stefanie Collins, Visiting Hospice Coordinator and Social Worker for Hospice Orillia noted “At the same time, we have seen individuals, families and communities come together to support one another in whatever way they can. If you are interested in helping to support those living with life-limiting illness in your community, we would love to hear from you. We are in need of additional volunteers to ensure that all of our clients receive the best support possible”

For more information on our volunteer programs, how to get involved and to fill out your application to volunteer with us, please visit us at or call (705) 325-0505 ext. 108


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