Garden of Remembrance

Each year, Hospice Orillia hosts two memorial events; Garden of Remembrance and Candles of Remembrance. Each of the events is unique in its own way providing community members the opportunity to come together to remember those no longer with us. While we have seen a shift in how these events are presented over the past 3 years, one thing that has been steadfast is our communities commitment to surrounding each other with love and comfort during this difficult time.


The 2022 Garden of Remembrance will take place June 16th at 6:30 pm. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in person or online through our virtual event. In addition to attending in person, you will have the opportunity to watch the live on the Hospice Orillia Facebook page as well take in a virtual edition one week later.

Regardless of whether or not you will be able to join us in person or virtually, we invite you to complete the form below with your loved one’s name as we will be reading the names during our bubble ceremony. You do not need to be present in person in order to have your loved one’s name include in the reading.