Virtual Memorial Wall

While memorial submissions for the ceremony are now closed; we invite you to fill out the Virtual Memorial Wall form below. This will allow us to add your loved ones name and sentiment on the Candles of Remembrance Memorial Wall.

Memorial Wall Submission Form (click to expand)

    In loving memory of:

    Eric Rahme

    In loving memory, you are never forgotten.

    In loving memory of:

    Maria Rehhorn

    You are the kindest, sweetest person we know.We will always miss you.From all who knew and loved you.

    In loving memory of:

    Marlee Philpott, Veronika Oertel and Wilehelm Mueller

    All 3 are missed dearly. I wish u could see the kids, the farm and us.

    In loving memory of:

    Renne Walton

    We miss you very much cousin Renne.

    In loving memory of:

    Neddie Majesky

    In loving memory of:

    Bridget Bell Morrison and her grandparents Gerry and Candy Uniac

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    In loving memory of:

    David Varalo

    Re-united with his Twin Brother

    In loving memory of:

    Ada Chepyha

    I miss you everyday of our lives.


    In loving memory of:

    Andrew Scarr

    Merry Heavenly Christmas my boy
    You will always be our Angel watching over us.

    In loving memory of:

    Bonnie Lynn Carruthers

    The song is ended but the melody lingers on. – Irving Berlin

    In loving memory of:

    Daniel Coulson

    Dan we all miss and love you so much. RIP until we meet again…xoxo

    Poem by John Atkinson

    In honour of his late mother Janet Atkinson

    dearest mom


    waiting for you,

    all your old friends,

    and some brand new

    our hearts broken,

    sadness and pain,

    is equaled by

    their glorious gain

    dad waiting

    with arms opened wide,

    your horse waiting,

    for you to ride

    a bountiful table

    filled with food,

    happy music

    to brighten the mood

    may your journey take you

    far beyond the moon,

    and with good grace,

    we’ll meet again soon

    In loving memory of:

    Alan Malloch

    In loving memory of:

    Alexander Montgomery

    Forever in our hearts. No retreat!

    In loving memory of:

    Angel Rose

    Untitled design-14

    In loving memory of:

    Bev Navarra

    In loving memory of:

    Charles German (aka Charlie, Chuck)

    Time passes; memories last forever.

    In loving memory of:

    Chris Forrester

    Loving brother and son; taken from us too soon. Loved dearly and missed daily <3

    In loving memory of:

    Christine Mohan

    Happy heavenly birthday December 7th, you will always be in ours hearts.
    All your loved ones!

    In loving memory of:

    Shawn Richards

    Life has not been the same without you here Shawn. Forever Loved and Missed Dearly Love Always Your Mama Dukes

    In loving memory of:

    Rita Malchuk

    Rita, you inspired me with your courage and zest for life.My only solace is that you are free from pain now.You are missed and loved?❤️

    In loving memory of:

    Angela Rehhorn

    “The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen and the memories you’ve made along the way.”
    Angela Rehhorn.

    In loving memory of:

    David and Elsie Hill

    Gramma and Grampa you are so very loved and so dearly missed xoxo

    In loving memory of:

    Lena King

    Loving Grandmother and Mother. Missed dearly!

    In loving memory of:

    Anna Pilles

    Thank you for teaching us the importance of family and how to love unconditionally. Missing you everyday.

    In loving memory of:

    Roland Shields

    We miss your smiling eyes!

    In loving memory of:

    Joel Snowden

    In loving memory of:

    Karen Lockwood

    In loving memory of:

    Betty Veley

    In loving memory of:

    Clarence Veley

    In loving memory of:

    Andrew Sparkes and Robert Sparkes

    Two year and one day separated the days they die first the son then the father. Until we meet again. Missing you but remembering all that you did.

    In loving memory of:

    Andrew William John Scarr

    My sweet Andrew, you are incredibly missed each and every day by everyone. I will love you always and forever my angel. Love from your wife Carrie xo

    There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you, I miss you and love you so much. Love always: Brandi xo

    Andrew will never leave the best stepdad stage… He was always there for me and the family and he’ll be loved and missed every day.. Miss you man, Brayden xo

    Andrew you’ve been here for me since day one and never failed to show me what I most needed in life… On May 3 2021 I gained a guardian angel, I love you always and forever Bryannah xo