2021 Candles of Remembrance ceremony
Candles of Remembrance Program

Virtual Guestbook

PLEASE NOTE: Memorial submissions are now closed.  We invite you to sign the digital guestbook using the form below.  The guestbook will be go live at 6:30 pm on Thursday December 9th.

    In loving memory of:

    Lena King

    From: Lena’s Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

    Loving Grandmother and Mother. Missed dearly!

    In loving memory of:

    Steve Lewis, Diane Granger

    From: Angela Lewis

    Forever loved, forever missed.

    In loving memory of:

    David and Elsie Hill

    From: Jennifer King

    Gramma and Grampa you are so very loved and so dearly missed xoxo

    In loving memory of:

    Berit McArthur

    From: Joe & Violet D’Amico

    Our beloved Aunt is dearly missed. Rest in peace sweet lady.

    In loving memory of:

    Gretchen Ludwig

    From: Susan Ludwig

    Thank you for the lovely tribute for those who are no longer a part of our daily lives.

    In loving memory of:

    Bob Savidant

    From: Shirley Savidant

    Thank you. A much needed event at this time of year.

    In loving memory of:

    Joe Simonds

    From: Diana Simonds

    My Son Joe and only child will be deeply missed by many people. Gone to soon but never forgotten. Always Loved.

    In loving memory of:

    Bonnie Carruthers

    From: Anna

    Mariposa House Hospice provided such a wonderful environment and peaceful passing.

    In loving memory of:

    Roland Shields

    From: Roland’s nieces and nephews

    We miss your smiling eyes!

    In loving memory of:

    Bruce Roswell

    From: Marielle Trahan

    Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us everyday unseen, unheard but always near still loved, still missed and very dear. When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure

    In loving memory of:

    Alan Malloch

    From: Irene Malloch

    Loved and Missed but never forgotten – wonderful memories of wonderful times together
    All my love, always. Irene
    Always in our hearts – all the family

    In loving memory of:

    Tyler Bertucci

    From: Amy-Lyn Bertucci

    Wishing peace to everyone over this holiday season.

    In loving memory of:

    Brayden Pittock

    From: Jaime Garlick-pittock

    Love you forever my boy xo

    In loving memory of:

    Ada Chepyha

    From: Ada Malmstrom

    ‘Little Ada’ – my sweet, beautiful, funny, talented and “pain in my ass” niece was the love of my life. The loss of her has taught me so much about cherishing the little time we have with each other. It has also taught me how to let go of the ones that we love more than life itself. Hugs and kisses “My Sweet”!!! 💓💖💔

    In loving memory of:

    Shawn Richards

    From: Johanne

    Beautiful remembrance ceremony
    Miss you Shawn
    Deepest Condolences to all that lost loved ones

    In loving memory of:

    Elva and Jack Moase

    Nicole Belair Davidson

    From: Lynda and Don Davidson

    Missed but never forgotten. Always in our hearts. May everyone have a safe and happy holiday time. We keep our cherished memories especially at Christmas when we lost our Mom. This is a difficult time for everyone.

    From: Jay Fallis

    Thinking of all who are using Hospice care.

    In loving memory of:

    Chuck German

    From: Audrey Vowels

    A great man who was loved by everyone, he lived a good life.

    In loving memory of:

    Joan Cottrell

    From: Valerie Powell

    This will be my second Christmas without my mum. And another Pandemic Christmas. Thinking of all who have lost someone in the past two years.

    In loving memory of:

    Berit McArthur

    From: Goodger Susan

    Thank you for all that you have done to comfort our Mother whilst she was under your care for almost three weeks, as well all you have done to support our family and others afterwards.

    We so appreciate all your kindness and attention to detail. Our Mother was kindness personified, so she will be smiling now. Especially due to the two memorial services of remembrance. Thank you, thank you Hospice Angels❣️

    In loving memory of:

    Dianna Lynne Kirch

    From: Donna Stewart-neely

    You were and are still loved in our hearts, your the best sister and I feel you where ever I am I love you Di

    In loving memory of:

    Pa Kiss

    From: Meghan, Airlie, Cory & Pickle

    Dad, we miss you every single minute of the day. May your love and soul live on forever.
    Thank you for this opportunity for sharing and healing, Hospice Orillia and everyone involved.

    In loving memory of:

    Mrs Berit McArthur

    From: Wanda McArthur

    Your Memorial Service was wonderful and we are so grateful for your loving and caring environment when people are going through a such sad and stressful time.

    In loving memory of:

    June Grayer

    From: Ann Puddy

    Dear Mom, you died in the Newmarket Hospice on your 99th birthday, miss you so much. XO