Candles of Remembrance
Please join us as we take some time on December 10th to pause and remember our loved ones who are no longer with us. This year, while we are saddened we are unable to be together in person, we are happy to announce that the Candles of Remembrance ceremony will take place in a virtual manor.
While traditionally community members would join us in person to light candles and enjoy poetry readings along with music, this year will look a bit different. We will be hosting our annual Candles of Remembrance event virtually this year through a pre-recorded ceremony video which will launch on Thursday, December 10th at 6:30pm on the event website The video will remain online for you to enjoy at your leisure.
Please note: any submissions received come along with implied consent to allow Hospice Orillia to include the name(s), photos and sentiments submitted in the public video.

Candles of Remembrance Ceremony:

(video will be available to view as of 6:30 pm on December 10th, 2020)

Candles of Remembrance Guest Book:

Please click on the “Sign Guest Book” button above to leave your comments about todays ceremony. Additionally, while memorial submission for the Candle of Remembrance ceremony are now closed, we invite you to submit your loved ones name along with a sentiment through the guest book.  We hope the 2020 Candles of Remembrance ceremony has brought you some comfort during this difficult time.

From: Allan and Dorothy P.

Loved Ones Name: Brian Patterson

Message: Brian was a big personality and tremendously missed by his family.

From: Evelyn and David P.

Loved Ones Name: Daniel Stephen Pollock  (April 1974 to Sept. 2017)

Message: Dearest Daniel, You are etched in our hearts forever. We miss your, hugs, your smiles , your laughter, your love. We loved you every moment of your life and will love you forever and ever and always.

Mom, Dad, Karen and Chris

From: Georgina M.

Loved Ones Name: Karen Clark

Message: It saddens me ever so deeply with losing your being that silly aunt that was the glue that held us together so strongly…I will miss you so much aunt Karen as you keep smiling down on us with your ways of ya forever ❤


Loved Ones Name: Roch (Monty) Montcalm

Message: Forever in my heart and prayers.

From: Basdai M.

Loved Ones Name: Chan Sonnylal

Message: My dearest and most loving sister Chan, gone from this physical world but will live on in our hearts forever 🙏🏻❤️ Dearly loved by all our family members.

From: Star R.

Loved Ones Name: Joe Simonds

Message: It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, it still feels like just yesterday I could put my arms around you. I know you will always be with me. Until we meet again. I love you, and I miss you so much! It can’t rain all the time….

From: Jeannette B.

Loved Ones Name: Randy Foster

Message: No more pain, missing you.

From: Debra and Rick W.

Loved Ones Name: Karen Winter-Clark

Message: Karen lived in Orillia for 5 years but moved back to Brantford to be closer to her grandchildren Blake, Carson and Austin. We miss her terribly and are still reeling from losing her a little than a month ago. She loved taking in rescue dogs and loved all animals.

From: Diane J.

Loved Ones Name: Kevin

Message: We miss you more each day.

From: Zahirra Babwah M.

Loved Ones Name: Veer Mohan

Message: Our love one may gone physically but they are here with us because memories never die

From: Annalise S.

Loved Ones Names: Uncle Dave and Aunt Marie

Message: Remembering so many people tonight:  Uncle Dave, Aunt Marie, Grandma Kay, Eric M… and the list continues. “Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone”.

From: Angie L.

Loved Ones Names: Steve Lewis, Diane Granger

Message: Bless you all for your kindness and unending compassion through this journey of grief and adjustment.

From: Caroline G.

Loved Ones Names: Barbara Howard, Sylvia Lundie, Laura Hoyle

Message: These residents ended their journey with us, we will miss them deeply

From: Amanda T.

Loved Ones Name: Roland Shields

Message: Missing you every day. Sending love to everyone during this difficult time.

From: Cheryl F.

Loved Ones Name: Karen Clark

Message: In memory of my dear sister Karen Clark …miss you so much

From: June G.

Loved Ones Name: Neddie Majesky

Message: In memory of my sister Neddie.

From: Terrance M.

Loved Ones Name: Veer Mohan

Message: Life is precious and beautiful make the best of it Happiness can’t come to you it must come from you.

From: Lynda D.

Loved Ones Name: Elva Moase

From: Johanne L.

Loved Ones Name:Shawn Richards

Message: Never thought this year I’d be attending this without you, feeling so sad things will never be the same without you Shawn Forever Loved sadly missed Always and Forever Love Mom, Shianne and Joe