In July 2016, my father, Paul, passed away after a very courageous battle with cancer. During this time, my mom, with the support of our family and friends, cared for him at home until his last day. It was important to my dad to remain at home, where he felt the most comfortable.

My family was not a recipient of hospice services. However, not every situation is like ours, and my heart ached thinking about someone dying without receiving the care and support needed when a loved one has a life-limiting illness. I could not imagine someone going through what my father did alone.

After my dad died, I started searching for some way to turn my grief into something positive. Something good had to come out of this awful life-changing experience, right? That is when I contacted Hospice Orillia and started my volunteering journey.

I knew how very important the services they offered were, and I wanted to make sure everyone knew that the support was there if needed. Hospice staff make sure that you never feel alone; whether you are dying or grieving — you are never alone.

Hospice Orillia staff members don’t know this, but by allowing me to become a volunteer, they helped me start to heal, and I will always do what I can to help this amazing local organization.

Written by:
Christine Cox, Volunteer with Hospice Orillia

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