Appointment Booking Guidelines

To book an appointment:

  • read through the Hospice Orillia Social Work Support Program Scope below,
  • complete the Service Agreement form below,
  • complete the Appointment Booking form below (please complete all the required fields and follow all the prompts),
  • once complete, you will receive a confirmation email, as well as a reminder email 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

As part of the Social Work Support program, you may receive support from either one of the Hospice Orillia Social Workers, as such when asked to choose an employee on the form below please select “Social Worker” from the dropdown menu.

Appointment dates are available for up to 14 days out (you will not be able to book an appointment more than 14 days away). 

We ask that you please only select one appointment slot to allow others to access the program.

Due to the limited number of appointments available, we ask that you connect with us as soon as possible should you be unable to keep your appointment, or are in need of rescheduling.

Please note: This particular method of appointment booking is only available to residents of Mariposa House Hospice (MHH), and their family and friends while visiting MHH. If you’ve been provided with this page to receive support and are not being cared for or have a loved one being cared for at Mariposa House Hospice, please visit

Hospice Orillia Social Work Support Program Scope

Who is eligible for this program?

Individuals with a progressive life-threatening illness and their caregivers who are currently receiving care at Mariposa House Hospice.

Service Scope

The Community Social Worker specializes in the area of hospice palliative care and is able to provide support in the following areas:

  • Support following the diagnosis or progression of a life-threatening or terminal illness
  • the social, emotional, psychological, existential and spiritual effects of a life-threatening illness and caregiving journey
  • life adjustments and transitions that come with illness and the caregiving journey
  • grief/loss.

Expected benefits to receiving support: Increased emotional wellbeing, increased coping mechanisms, a safe space to explore feelings, thoughts, and the social, emotional, psychological, existential and spiritual effects of a life-threatening illness.

Possible risks to receiving support: You do not find a positive connection with your Community Social Worker. In this case, please contact the Executive Director who will speak with you about alternative options including transferring service to alternate staff member.

Length of Sessions

Each session with the Community Social Worker is one-hour in length.

Available Sessions

You may access the Social Work Support Program a maximum of once per week. There is no limit to the number of sessions available while an individual is receiving care at Mariposa House Hospice. The Community Social Workers may provide one to two sessions after the death of a loved one. If an individual requires ongoing support thereafter, they will be referred to the Hospice Orillia Bereavement Services Coordinator.

Who will be providing support?

The Social Work Support Program is supported by two of Hospice Orillia’s Community Social Workers. Both Social Workers have a Masters Degree in Social Work and are registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW).

Daniela Accomando,


Stefanie Collins,


Clients Rights and Responsibilities

As a client of Hospice Orillia, you and your family/caregiver(s) have the right to be informed of your rights and responsibilities. The following shall apply to you:

You have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, receipt of public assistance, record of offences, sex, or sexual orientation;
  • Receive care that respects your cultural, psychosocial, spiritual and personal values, beliefs and preferences;
  • Have your personal health information treated confidentially, with information only released to others when consent for the release of information is received, unless required by law;
  • Choose a substitute decision maker to make decisions on your behalf if you are no longer capable to do so;
  • Be informed of and actively involved in the creation and management of your plan of care;
  • Receive a clear explanation of the services to be provided and who will be providing them;
  • Provide consent to accept or refuse programs and services offered by Hospice Orillia;
  • Express any concerns without fear of reprisal or discrimination, and be aware of the process to do so.

You have the responsibility to:

  • Treat those who are providing or participating in your care with courtesy and respect;
  • Attend all meetings/sessions/groups free from the influence of any legal or illegal substance(s) which could cause safety concerns for staff/volunteers, or render you unable to meaningfully participate in meeting/group/session;
  • Provide accurate and current information relating to your health;
  • Participate in the creation and management of your plan of care;
  • Provide a safe environment for those involved in your care by:
    • Keeping pets in a separate room during visits, if requested
    • Refraining from smoking during visits
    • Ensuring that there are no hazards inside or outside the home (walkways, etc.)
  • Provide feedback regarding services provided, and ask questions regarding care or services.

I understand that if I have a complaint, I can contact Hospice Orillia verbally or in writing to the attention of:

Whitney Vowels, Executive Director
705-325-0505 ext. 140

Service Agreement


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