We are grateful for all the gifts that come to us. Collectively our community’s financial support enables us to deliver programs and services to all our clients and their families without cost. Government funding covers a portion of our operating costs, but we rely on donations from our community to continue to run our programs. We raise funds from our signature annual fundraising event, Hike for Hospice, from monthly bingo sessions, Tag Day, our annual appeal for funds and third party events.

Third Party Events

Third Party Events are fundraisers held on behalf of Hospice Orillia, but organized and run independently. We are grateful to the businesses, service clubs, organizations and families that donate the proceeds of these events to us. Third party events help to not only generate revenue for Hospice Orillia but also to raise public awareness of the role the Hospice Orillia plays in providing practical, emotional and spiritual support to those in our community coping with advanced illness, death and bereavement.

Although Hospice Orillia encourages third-party fundraising events, we require that events submit a third-party event registration form.  Hospice Orillia maintains the right to decline events.  This is an important safeguard in preserving the integrity of our charitable status, name and reputation as well as our commitment to our donors.  When you are ready with your plan, please fill out our third party event registration form (download here) and return either via email or regular mail.

Thank you for your interest in fundraising in support of Hospice Orillia!

Third Party Event Rules & Guidelines

Some of these Events include:

  • Golf Tournaments
  • Fashion Shows
  • Game Nights
  • Concerts
  • Competitions & Recreational Activities where participants solicit pledges
  • Barbecues
  • Galas and Dances
  • Local Talent Nights
  • Spa Parties

Join us for Monthly Bingo Sessions at the Orillia Legion

Volunteers Always Needed 

Hospice Orillia is a charity recipient of the Orillia Legion Bingo events, which requires volunteers to help sell BINGO cards and tidy up at the end of the event.

The BINGO events for Hospice Orillia take place once a month, either on a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday evening. Volunteers are asked to start at 5:15 p.m. and the event typically goes until 9:30 p.m.

If you are interested in becoming a Hospice Orillia fundraising volunteer or if you are hosting an event that you would like to donate the proceeds to Hospice Orillia, please contact us.